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Champion Target began in 1974 as a division of Federal Cartridge Company producing clay targets. The plant is located in Richmond, IN as it is close to supplies of petroleum pitch and limestone. The machines that make the targets were built locally and are still in use today. The main ingredients of clay targets, pitch and limestone, are stored in large silos at the plant. The pitch and limestone are weighed to make the correct composition (the targets have to be strong enough to survive being thrown from machines, yet fragile enough to break if they are hit by three or so pellets).
Champion is a leading provider of quality trap throwers, paper targets, metal targets, clay targets, hearing and eye protection and shooting systems. Shooting is a fun pastime, and Champion produces a wide variety of products to enhance the experience for shooters of all levels.

To see some informative videos about their products, visit their YouTube channel.

Headquarters: Richmond, Indiana, United States
Founded: 1974